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Canções de Boston

Walking from the Arbourway
When spring has come at last
The trees are in their glory
As the taxis rush on past
The buildings are in twilight
The birds they spiral around
As we walk to Fenway Park
In Boston town

Go right on Longwood Avenue
To linger by the fence
With all its reeds and cattails out there
Pining in the wind
The lights come up
As the sun goes down
As we walk to Fenway Park
In Boston town

("As we walk to Fenway Park in Boston town", por Jonathan Richman)

I went back to Boston
Back to the City of Lost Love
I went back to the place
And recognized your face in the stone long gone

I walked around Harvard Square
All the runaway kids are still hanging out there
I took the red line a wrong way
Across the river Charles

Something's changed track
And they never fly
Reach up from the waves
You'll find that you're only waving goodbye

I went walking in Boston
A little bridge I used to walk on
I was slipping on a hog
And I flung into that sea of strong
Processing need not apply
For you to license to fly
Hey young lady don't be so suprised
You know you're not alone

("Boston", por Patty Griffin)


Chestnut Park on a saturday night
Mystical boys feelin alright
Raggedy wisdom falls from my hand
As the ladies of Cambridge know who I am

I've had dreams of Boston all of my life
Chinatown between the sound of the night
But if you leave I just don´t think I could take it
Take it

Graveyard freaks we're fallin in style
Lady's the pharaoh, Charles is the Nile
Thats a museum, thats a cool place
Stones of your fathers standin' today

("Boston [Ladies of Cambridge]", por Vampire Weekend)

Boston, USA
Here she comes now over the skyline
I'm home again, I'm feeling fine
There's the river Charles and Kenmore Square
I don't want to go anywhere
There's another show, get in the van
To another town to do it all over again
I can't wait to get back home 
To the city streets where I come from
To the Dirty Water of Boston, USA

It's 3 am and I'm still not done
I could walk these streets till I hit the dawn
You don't know what you've got till it's gone
I know this is where I belong
It looks like it's still early, get some beer
Let's catch the Green Line down to Kenmore Square
Can you tell me where they put the rat?
To those memories I still look back
To the Dirty Water of Boston, USA

It was a summer night by the Mass Ave Bridge
When I gave that girl a little kiss
She said "I don't think I can see you no more"
I said "If that's the case then I'll carry on
Because the city streets are all there is for me"
Friends come and go but these will always be
I'll take the C-town, Cambridge, all the rest
But I wont take no second best
To the Dirty Water of Boston, USA

("Boston, USA", por The Ducky Boys)

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