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Direto do toca-CD (29)

Your heart is saying there is no way out
A voice keeps telling you that it's over
People say that it will take a miracle
They say so many things

Circumstance say it's impossible
Friends keep telling you that you have failed
But God is saying everithing is possible
Oh, he is able, just believe!

Don' say you are nobody, don't try to hide
Use the faith that you have deep inside
I will make you stronger
It's really only up to you, this is your time
I'll change the story of your life
If you believe and only trust in me

If tears begin to flow, I'll be your comfort
I'll be with you no matter where you are
And if some barries come along the road
You faith will give you wings so you can fly

("If you believe", de Beno e Solange de César)

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